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  1. The dues for all active members (wishing to participate in all club activities both optional and mandatory) , 16 years or older shall be $220.00 annually. The breakdown is as follows : Mandatory; club dues $70.00, Optional; TOC eligibility $20, Optional; Lunker pool $10.00, Mandatory; 12 paid in advance events $120.00. A member of the club wishing to bring a new member under the age of 18 must have been a member in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.

New Members : New members completed paper applications will be presented to the body of returning members for consideration at the annual meeting by their existing club sponsor (only current club members will attend the annual club meeting) (existing club member in good standing for at least 1 year). Sponsor will offer his reason for sponsoring this new potential member and bring potential member to the next regular meeting for consideration and a vote to become a new member. All new members will be considered provisional members for the first year and then invited to return (by letter or email) as a full member the next year after receiving a 75% positive vote by the body of full members.(The vote will be a closed ballot and verified by the board for accuracy). (To take effect 02-01-2015)

Associate Member: $20.00 annual fee to fish only the point tournaments. All associates must be voted in by majority and will have no voting privileges. Associates must fish either with an active member or alone on their own boat. The club reserves the right to refuse membership. Associate membership is capped at 6 per year. Active members shall take president over associates on tournament participation. Associate members (unless returning former member or family member of an active member) may fish in the club for a one year trial. Afterwich, the associate member must decide to either join the club as a full member for the following year, or withdraw club membership. An associate member or a guest will pay a $15.00 fee per tournament fished. The
  • The exception to refunding entry fees would occur if the majority of the participates elect to quit for the day due to inclement weather/adverse conditions.
  • See Tournament Rules Adopted 2017 for further clarification
  1. Upon mutual agreement between persons, boat or team, the award monies can be split.
  2. Anyone fishing from a participant’s boat during the course of any tournament will be required to pay the daily tournament fee.
  • No boat will have more than 2 persons on board during course of a tournament unless an emergency is deemed by at least 2 board members.
  • Only Largemouth and Smallmouth bass of legal length will be accepted at the weigh-in. The weighmaster will measure the smallest fish of each participant (or team) in every tournament. It is the responsibility of each participant to insure that the fish he/she brings to scale are of legal size. Should a fish be brought to scale deemed less than legal length by the official weighmaster, the catch of that participant (or team) will be disqualified.
  • An official keeper-counter, kept by the weighmaster, will be available to all participants at the weigh-in site, for the purpose of checking a fish of questionable length (closed mouth to open tail). Remember you can only possess what the state allows.
  • The weighmaster and the assistant weighmaster are the only people allowed to weigh fish. Each participant will be required to empty their bag into a basket and the weighmaster will handle the fish to the scale. After the contestants’ fish have been weighed, the assistant weighmaster will return the fish to the basket for the participant to release the fish.
  • Only artificial baits may be used during the course of a tournament. No live or prepared baits are permitted, with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc... The use of live or prepared baits other than those specified will constitute grounds for disqualification.
  • All fish caught, which are brought to the scales, must be kept in an aerated live well.
  • A 4 oz. penalty will be assessed for each dead fish brought to the scale. The total penalty will be deducted from the participants days catch.
  • There will be no culling of a dead fish. A fish will be deemed dead after a reasonable period of resuscitation or if the fish cannot swim away on its own power.
  • Clean up at the ramp site will be done at the conclusion of the weigh-in. All live wells are to be thoroughly cleaned with a vinegar and water solution before the next tournament.
  1. The greatest total weight of the participants catch will determine 1st Place and the second greatest weight will determine 2nd place. Prize money will be split 70/30% respectively. For guests and associates that fish a tournament, any payouts will be based only on the funds derived from full members that present for that tournament.

A) An additional $5.00 per tournament must be collected from every individual participant before the official start of the event. The two members that are to launch last (who also call flights that day) are to collect / hold / and pay out all lunker monies at the conclusion of the tournament.

  1. The following system will be used to determine the awards standings for the end of the year:
  • The weight of each members catch for the year (based on cumulative total weight of fish caught) will determine each members place in the final standings.
  • Only the weight recorded for the participants best 9 out of 12 tournaments will be used to total cumulative weight.
  • Ties in the standings for an official tournament and for the end of the year standings will be resolved in the following fashion:
  1. First tie breaker will be the number of fish caught.
  2. Second tie breaker will be the largest fish caught.
  1. There will be 12 official tournaments along with 2 team tournaments (non point) tournament held each year.
  2. Awards at the end of the year will consist of:
  • Lunker Award (cash payout)
  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  1. There will be an annual meeting held on Super Bowl Sunday of each year at 1:00 P.M. . Each year at the annual meeting, a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer will be voted on. A member can run for and be elected to an office for as many successive terms as he / she wishes. The 3 board members will be for a period of 2 years, at which an election of board members will be held.
  2. Regular club meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month from March until November. Special meetings may be held as necessary.
  3. The clubs rules will consist of the 7 officials, both executive and board members.
  • Any changes in the club’s rules / bylaws will be voted upon by the entire rules committee. If the changes proposed by the body at the annual meeting and only if 75% of the attending body feels that the changes are needed.
  1. Any member caught cheating during the course of any tournament will be dismissed from the club without refunding any dues.
  2. All participants, without exception, will launch from the designated launch site. This site will also be the weigh-in site.(Special exception can be granted on a case by case basis per 75% positive vote at the previous meeting to the tournament and is only active for that tournament in question)
  3. Should the club be dissolved, all treasury monies will be distributed equally among all active members.
  4. Tournament fees are:
  • $10.00 per official club tournaments. Payment can either be $120.00 for the season (this is the perfered method of payment) if you pay by the March meeting or you may pay $60.00 by the March meeting for the first 6 tournaments but then you must pay $60.00 before you fish the 7th tournament. Remember there is a $25.00 late fee if you do not pay by the March meeting. The board has the authority to make exceptions to the fee schedule on a one on one basis. (financial)
  • In special tournaments, partners are to drawn at the previous club meeting. Dues are $25.00 per boat of which $20.00 goes towards total weight. The club will add $40.00 for each tournament. 70/30% split for 1st and 2nd place.
  1. All fishing licenses must be shown to the rules chairman and recorded by the secretary prior to the April meeting.
  2. The Coventry Bass Anglers Annual Fish Off (TOC) rules are :
  • An eligible contender is defined as an active member that has paid the TOC entry fee of $20.00 before the first tournament of the year.
  • An ineligible contender is defined as a full member that not paid the TOC entry fee of $20.00 before the first tournament of the year.
  • An eligible contender must first fish at least 6 club tournaments to be considered to fish the TOC throughout the following criteria explained in 20-D and 20-E.
  • An automatic bid to the TOC is awarded to an eligible contender if they should win any scheduled point tou
  • rnament throughout the current year.
  • A field of 12 is selected from the automatic bids, all of the other anglers who are eligible contenders from 1st place on down the full field of 12. If an odd number of anglers exists, the $20.00 will be refunded to the last place angler. Therefore only 5 teams will fish
  • In the event that an ineligible contender happens to win a point tournament, the automatic bid into the TOC from that particular tournament will be selected from the first eligible that places after any ineligible contender.
  • There will be 6 teams with 6 boaters / 6 riders. Partners will be chosen in the following manor. Angler in 1st place will pick by blind draw from anglers 7th -- 12th , 2nd place angler will pick from blind draw of remaining 7th – 12th anglers and so on until 6 teams are created.

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